10% of Covid-19 patients are at risk of Long Term symptoms after recovery

Those who defeat the Covid may experience a series of ‘brain fog’ months later. This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States. The University of Chicago study looked at the Long-Term symptoms of Covid that patients experience even after months of recovery.

The term Long Covid is also used for such patients and the researchers said that these long-term symptoms can persist for up to 3 months after being infected with the virus.

The study included 278 patients with Long Covid who were asked about symptoms 2 months after recovery and then 6 months later. These people reported worsening brain symptoms after 6 months, found it difficult to form sentences, concentrate, and experienced absenteeism.

However, these symptoms were found to be less severe than long-term symptoms such as severe fatigue. Research has shown that most of these patients experience symptoms such as sleep problems, immune system problems, discomfort, and digestive disorders that seem to improve over time.

Researchers say such patients face similar challenges because family members and doctors do not understand the changing symptoms. He said we don’t know how many such patients have this problem. However, they estimate that 10% of patients with Covid-19 experience long-term symptoms.

Research published in the preprint server MedRxiv in early May 2021 found that most people experiencing Long Covid experienced symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty breathing, chest pain, cough, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Similarly, memory impairment and difficulty concentrating can occur for weeks or months. Research has shown that long-term sufferers are not necessarily older, but are also at risk in patients under 65 years of age. The study included more than 57,000 Covid patients who were diagnosed with the virus by PCR tests.

Researchers believe that the swelling in the body as a result of Covid is likely to cause various symptoms of Long Covid, while in many cases the disease also causes damage to the kidneys. The study was performed on people who did not become seriously ill as a result of the Long Covid and were not hospitalized.

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