5G technology does not harm human health, Study

Last year rumors circulated on social media in many countries, including the UK, that 5G radio signals were also spreading the coronavirus. After that 5G towers were damaged although these rumors were not true.

Similarly, with regard to 5G technology, there are fears among the people that it may have various harmful effects on health. So now the results of the largest Research in this regard have come to light.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) in partnership with the Swinburne University of Technology Victoria analyzed 138 research reports on 5G radio waves.

The research team also analyzed a further 107 safety research reports, both of which looked at the effects of 5G and similar radio waves. The researcher has found that 5G waves have no harmful effects on health.

Dr. Ken Karipidis, Assistant Director Assessment, and Advice at ARPANSA said the results of the analysis found no evidence to suggest that low-level radio waves used in 5G networks are harmful to human health.

He says that most of the research reports that reported biological effects used sub-standard methods to measure the effects of waves.

The researchers stated that long-term research should be done to monitor the effects of 5G, using all scientific advances. But so far there is no evidence to support the ridiculous claims about 5G.

Dr. Kane, also added we suggest that future experimental research reports focus on specific issues while monitoring long-term medical effects on the population.

As mentioned at the start of this article, by the start of the Coronavirus epidemic 5G technology has been a part of conspiracy theories. However, at that time British government shared an investigative report that 5G is not a part of the spread of the coronavirus.

Research in this regard has not found any evidence that the technology causes other diseases, including the spread of epidemics. The new research reassures that this new technology has no adverse effects on human health.

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