A 41-year-old man’s lawsuit against his parents will make you shocked

Web Desk. A 41-year-old man of Pakistani descent living in the UK has filed such a unique case against his Dubai-based parents that every reader will be shocked at the act of his dissenter.

According to India Times, the parents educated their son named Siddiqui and graduated from Oxford University and he became a lawyer, but Siddiqui has been unemployed since 2011 and has been living at the expense of his parents. He has now filed a lawsuit against his parents for a lifetime of spending.

According to the report, Siddiqui’s parents have a flat worth £1 million in Hyde Park, London. Siddiqui has been living for free for the last 20 years. Not only that, but his parents are sending him £400 a week.

However, now her parents want to end her free eating due to a family dispute, as the result of he has approached the court. Siddiqui had made the same plea in the Family Court last year but the judge threw his case in the trash at the first hearing. He has now filed a petition in the Court of Appeal.

Siddiqui also filed a lawsuit against Oxford University in 2018, seeking around £1 million in damages. He accused the university have not taught him properly.

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