A great achievement of medical science, in the first operation of its kind

Web Desk. Desk, Modern medical science has performed another miracle. For the first time in history, scientists have transplanted an artificial cornea into a blind man’s eyes to make him able to see again.

According to the Indian Times, the 78-year-old man who received the gift of an artificial cornea is named Jamal Forani, who lost his sight 10 years ago due to corneal disease.

This treatment was invented by the Israeli scientist Professor Dr. Geld Litvin. Professor Jild Latvian is also the Chief Medical Officer of CorNeat Vision. This artificial cornea has been named ‘KPro’ which is a non-degradable synthetic Nano-tissue.

It is surgically placed under the membrane between the eyelid and the sclera in the eye. This historic surgery on Jamal Forani was performed by Professor Erit Bihar, who heads the Department of Ophthalmology at Robin Medical Centre in Israel.

After years of hard work, we saw one of our colleagues successfully transplant this artificial cornea into a man’s eyes, and the next day the man’s eyesight returned,” said Professor Litvin. It was a very emotional moment that brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the room. It was a very important milestone that we passed. 

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