A simple exercise routine can help to protect against cancer

Web Desk. British health experts say that even a modest amount of exercise and physical activity by ordinary people can protect them from cancer. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, British experts say, the lockdown imposed by Corona last year has led to an increase in the number of cancer cases due to people being confined to their homes.

During the lockdown, people were less physically active and used more junk foods at home, which led to weight gain. Experts said that being confined to the home increased people’s weight, which increased the chances of developing tumors in them, including problems with their tissues.

According to experts, being overweight can cause at least 12 types of cancer. Experts said that before the lockdown people were physically active and exercised moderately, which reduced their risk of cancer.

Experts suggest that people should eat a healthy diet as well as make regular exercise a part of their daily lives. Reduce your chances of getting cancer by staying physically active.

Extensive research in the United States and the United Kingdom before British experts has also shown that people who make exercise a part of their routine are protected from other diseases, including cancer. A study in the United States found that people who are more physically active have a lower risk of developing 13 types of cancer. 

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