Adar Poonawalla urges President Biden ​to lift the ban on the export of vaccine raw material

The chief executive of the world’s largest vaccine maker, the Serum Institute of India, has called on President Joe Biden on Twitter to lift the US ban on raw materials needed to make vaccines.

Vaccine makers and experts in India have been concerned that the use of the Defense Production Act by the United States to boost its vaccine production has led to a halt in exports of key raw materials.

Stephen Bansal, CEO of the American Pharmaceutical Company Modern said in an online program that the export ban is also preventing US vaccine makers from exporting Shots globally and as a result, there is a shortage.

Adar Punewala, chief executive of the Serum Institute of India, wrote on Twitter, If we really want to unite outside the United States to defeat this virus, I urge you to lift ban the export of raw materials outside the United States, to increase the vaccine production.



The Serum Institute of India had stopped the export of corona vaccine to COVAXIN, following which the domestic demand increased due to the catastrophic rise of corona infection in India.

More than 200,000 new cases of corona have recently been reported in India, prompting restrictions in major cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi.

Authorities are working to reduce the spread of corona and vaccinate people, but in doing so, India relies heavily on asterisk shots made by the Serum Institute of India.

Adar Poonawalla, chief executive of the Serum Institute of India, said the unavailability of raw materials, such as the Specific medium serum needed to grow microorganisms, would prevent the Serum Institute from increasing the production of vaccines developed through the Novavax vaccine.

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