After boarding the plane, the passenger declared himself Corona patient, causing panic in the plane and on airport

Web Desk. The Indian plane passenger panicked before take-off when a passenger stood up and announced that he had the coronavirus. According to the news report, the passenger who had declared himself a Corona patient has also brought with him documentary evidence, which he also showed to fellow passengers.

According to Indian broadcaster NDTV, the pilot of the Airbus A-320 announced in the situation that the passengers in the three lanes would get off the plane first so that they could be safely transported by a coach. After the passengers came out, the seats were disinfected in the first stage and at the same time, their covers were carefully changed.

The airline also provided protective clothing to ensure the safety of passengers and instructed them to wear it. A passenger infected with Coronavirus has been shifted to Safdarjung Hospital in South Delhi by ambulance.

The Coronavirus can live up to 3 days in clothing, research says

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