Air hostesses welcome passengers on board, but what are they actually looking at? Revealed for the first time

Web Desk. An air hostess stands to welcome the passengers while boarding the plane. But did you know that along with the reception, these air hostesses are also watching the passengers carefully and there is a purpose behind it that will surprise you?

According to The Mirror, Kat Kamalani, an American air hostess, has revealed on her TikTok account that the air hostess you think is welcoming you with a smile on her face.

Kat said, In fact, she is watching you from head to toe. “We look at each passenger carefully to see who is on board and who can help us in an emergency.”

For example, if there is a medical emergency, we can determine which doctor or nurse is among the passengers. In the same way, in view of the security situation, the help of a military or police officer, etc. is sought.

Not only that, but we also keep an eye on passengers for human trafficking and other crimes. Kat’s video is going viral on TikTok, which has been viewed by more than 1 million people so far.

Many users are admitting in the comments that they did not know until today that air hostesses would even review passengers in this regard.

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