Amnesty International expressed concern about the inequality in the global distribution of the Corona Vaccine

Web Desk. Amnesty International has also launched a campaign to raise concerns about inequality in the global distribution of the corona vaccine.

Amnesty International has called on big corona vaccine companies to share their knowledge and technology, other companies can develop the COVID-19 vaccine, and we can eradicate this epidemic in which no one left behind.

The online campaign said that if pharmaceutical companies share their formulas and information with smaller companies, the Corona epidemic can be eradicated quickly and globally.

Now is the time to act, contact small companies and convince them that everyone has the right to be vaccinated so everyone in the world should have access to the vaccine.

In the current situation, the news is circulating that the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are not delivering vaccines properly. As a result, people in the poorest countries of the world who are waiting for the vaccine are not getting the vaccine.

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