Announcing the introduction of an interesting feature of Facebook

Web Desk. Facebook is often criticized for failing to curb the spread of misleading content and fake news. That’s why Facebook has taken various steps to prevent this.

Now Facebook has introduced a useful feature in this regard that will help prevent people from sharing misleading details. Before sharing news article posts by Facebook, you will be advised through a pop-up window to read this article before sharing this link with your friends.


Facebook announced this feature on May 10. Facebook has confirmed that the feature will be tested on 6% of global users of its Android devices. The purpose of this feature is to persuade people to read the whole article before sharing it, not just look at the headline and share.

Earlier, Twitter introduced a feature in which users were told not to share articles without opening links, as they may not contain important facts. The promotion that will appear in the Facebook feature will have 2 options, one is open article and the other is continuous sharing.

The company hopes that the promotion will persuade some people to read the news stories before sharing them, but they will also be able to share them without reading them. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Facebook seeks your help to improve the user experience in the News Feed

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