Apple’s new privacy policy that could ‘shake’ the Business World

Web Desk. US technology company Apple is launching a new privacy control update to its iOS operating system aimed at preventing digital advertisers from tracking iPhone users.

According to the British news agency Reuters, for Apple’s more than one billion iPhone users, this means a new pop-up notification in some apps, which will ask permission before using your data. Apple believes that this data can be used by third-party apps and websites to track your browsing interests.

According to industry experts, if iPhone users refuse to allow data collection, these regulations will bring about a dramatic change in the nearly ً 100 billion mobile advertising market for businesses.

What is Apple doing?
Apple wants app developers who want to use iPhone users’ data for digital marketing to display a pop-up message that says’ The app can track all your apps and other companies’ websites. Wants permission.

The message should also include an explanation from the app developer as to why permission is being sought. In this regard, some mobile advertising experts believe that only one in three users will be allowed to collect data.

Keep in mind that iPhone users also have the option of ‘tracking’ in the privacy settings of their phone, in which they can go out of tracking all the apps and also allow the apps of their choice.

What’s wrong with app developers and the advertising business?
App developers and advertisers say that if more iPhone users are out of tracking, it will make advertising less effective.

The advertising industry has long been collecting people’s web browsing data to show ads accordingly. Such as clothing or vehicles in which consumers may be interested.

Low consumer data can lead to lower sales of brands and lower advertising revenue for mobile apps and publishers. Apple’s move has sparked controversy with Facebook. Facebook says the change will affect small businesses.

Why did Apple make this change?
Regarding this change, Apple management says that its goal is to give its customers more control over their data so that they know that the apps that collect their data are sharing it with third parties.

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