Australia joined the list of countries defeating coronavirus, has not reported a single case in the last 10 days

Web Desk. Australia has also joined the list of countries defeating the coronavirus. According to Mail Online, no new cases of coronavirus have been reported locally in Australia for the past 10 days. The Australian state of New South Wales also not report any new corona cases for the past 51 days.

The virus was confirmed in nine of the people quarantined at the hotel on Monday, but all of them came from abroad. According to the report, there are currently about a dozen corona patients in Australia, who are undergoing treatment. There are many areas of the country that have been declared completely ‘virus free’.

Vaccination of people in Australia is still in full swing after the defeat of Corona. As of last Sunday, 81,000 people had been vaccinated. The vaccine is initially being given to medical personnel and the elderly who are fighting the coronavirus and is gradually expanding.

What if an individual is infected with 2 types of the corona at the same time?

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