Bad Weather Kills 20 During a Marathon in China’s Mountains

Web Desk. At least 20 people have been killed and one is missing after a 100-kilometer race in China was hit by hail, rain, and strong winds.

According to AFP, officials in the Chinese city of Baiyin told a media briefing on Sunday that the deaths were caused by sudden bad weather during a high-altitude race in the Yellow River Stone Forest scenic area in Jingtai.

Baiyin City Mayor Zhang Xuchen said that immediately after receiving a message of help from some of the race participants, the marathon administration sent a rescue team that managed to rescue 18 people. He added that the race was called off due to bad weather.

He said the accident was caused by sudden bad weather, but provincial officials would investigate further. The other eight participants were being treated at the hospital.

The state-run Xinhua news agency said some of the race participants had hypothermia due to the weather. According to Xinhua, temperatures in the mountainous area dropped further overnight, making rescue operations more difficult.

The news agency said that 151 participants were confirmed safe in China at 3 pm, bringing the total number of participants in the race to 172.

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