Beautiful Italian Towns are ready to pay you to stay there

Web Desk. In many Italian towns, there is a desire to settle new blood as the elderly population grows. For this purpose, people from all over the world are usually offered vacant houses for one euro, with the aim of increasing the population there.

Thousands of homes are vacant in most parts of Italy, a huge problem that is often solved in the form of various attractive offers. But with that comes the condition of renovating the house at a specific time. However, the coronavirus epidemic has now led to a unique scheme to attract home-based workers instead of giving them away for free.

In fact, during the Corona epidemic, the tendency to work from home has become commonplace, meaning that the office can be moved to a place like a kitchen or a town in another part of the world. A large portion of the rent will be provided to such remote workers in the town of Santa Fiora in the Tuscany region of Italy and in the Rieti area of ​​Lazio, near Rome.

All they have to do is stay at home on a long-term basis and carry out their official duties at home. If the house rent in these areas is not very high then this offer is very attractive but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are going there for holidays.

People who want to go there must have a job, even if it means working all day sitting in front of a laptop. No matter what the job is, the local authorities don’t care. The aspirant must be a technician so that he can do his job anywhere.

The epidemic of COVID-19 was severe in Italy and is gradually getting out of hand, but the economy has been badly affected. In Italy, people are already moving out of their hometowns, and now a new scheme has emerged to restore life to these places.

The scheme has been dubbed as ”Smart Working Villages” for which local authorities have also increased the speed of the internet network and worked on other facilities for remote workers.

In Santa Fiora, such remote workers will be paid 200 euros during the rental period or 50% of the rent for the stay for 2 to 6 months. The average rent there is 300 to 500 euros a month, which means you only have to spend 100 euros out of your own pocket every month when you move there.

The town has also created a housing search website where other services can be found along with housing. According to local officials, the offer is not for tourists but for those who want to be a part of our rural life experience.

The goal is to provide incentives to those who move here so that they can live here and do their work virtually. We want Santa Fiora to be their office. The town has high-speed fiber internet and working stations but is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ideal for people who want to spend a few months in a quiet place close to nature. Interested persons can visit this website to know more details and how to apply. As far as Rieti is concerned, this town is close to Rome and a similar offer is being made to remote workers there but they have to stay there for at least 3 months.

According to local officials, the youth have moved to Rome in search of employment and that is why we have launched a mission to bring remote workers here. The offer here is more attractive, as rental vouchers can be given for up to 6 months and workers can also choose properties in nearby towns where rents are lower.

Employees who go there will have to prove that they are remote workers by presenting a letter from their boss, but freelancers will only have to make one explanation in their professional work.

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