Beetroot juice makes the heart and minds healthy: Study

Beetroot juice can help boost the health of the arteries of the heart and the functioning of the brain. This was discovered in a medical study conducted in the UK and the results of this study were published in the Medical Journal Journal Redox Biology.

The University of Exeter study found that Beetroot juice is rich in nitrate, which balances the bacteria in the mouth and promotes the growth of bacteria that are good for brain function and coronary heart health.

This helps to explain why Beetroot juice is effective in lowering blood pressure in high blood pressure patients. Other nitrate-rich vegetables are including cabbage, spinach, and lettuce provide similar benefits.

The researchers said we are excited about the findings that are important for healthy aging”. “Keeping healthy germs in the mouth on a long-term basis can help slow down the rate of negative effects on the arteries of the heart and the brain”.

The study included 26 people between the ages of 70 and 80. These individuals were divided into 2 groups, one group was given 140 ml of Beetroot juice for 10 days and the other group was given the same amount of nitrate-rich juice.

Both drinks had the same aroma and taste. After 10 days, an interval of 3 days, the groups were changed now the second group was given Beetroot juice while the first group was given nitrate drink.

Before, during, and after the study, volunteers underwent psychological and mental tests, while genetic sequencing of saliva combustion also identified the types of bacteria in the mouth.

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The results showed that people who drank Beetroot juice had higher levels of bacteria in their mouths that were linked to good heart and brain health. Similarly, the number of bacteria that cause inflammation was low.

The study also found a 5 mm drop in blood pressure in people who drank Beetroot juice for 10 days and increased the availability of nitric oxide in the blood. They also performed well in the ability to concentrate.

Researchers have found that people who drink Beetroot juice are more likely to develop two types of bacteria, MM5 and MM6. Both of these bacteria have been shown to help to improve brain function and blood pressure.

The researchers said further research will determine if these findings apply to other age groups.

The researchers also added, “the people involved in the study were elderly and had good blood pressure. Dietary nitrate lowers blood pressure levels and we want to see if people of other ages and people with poor health also get this benefit or not”.

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