Canada extends ban on flights from Pakistan and India till June 21

Web Desk. Canada has extended its ban on direct flights from Pakistan and India to 21 June to control the Corona epidemic. According to CBS, the 30-day ban imposed on April 22 was coming to an end on Saturday.

However, cargo flights will continue to deliver protective clothing to prevent vaccines and corona. The notice said, “the Minister of Transport believes that this measure is necessary for the safety of aviation and the people.”

The ban is on direct flights from both countries. Travelers can still travel to Canada from Pakistan and India but will have to come from a third country. Passengers must bring a Corona-negative test from where they are flying before entering Canada.

Last week, Air Canada banned flights from India as a precaution against a possible government announcement. Air Canada service is not for Pakistan. Those entering Canada by land or air must pass a negative Corona test and be quarantined for two weeks, although some workers are exempt.

Passengers arriving by air will have to stay in designated hotels for three days until the corona test report is received and will have to undergo the corona test again eight days after arrival.

According to epidemiological data from the Canadian Public Health Agency, as of the week ending May 8, only 0.6 of the passengers had tested positive for corona.

All passengers who test positive for corona are subjected to “genome sequencing” so that another type of corona can be detected. A type of corona B.1.617 was identified in India last year and has also been found in Canada.

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