Cannons Salute to Prince Philip’s: Last Rites Restricted

Web Desk. A day after the death of the British Queen’s husband, Prince Phillips, 99, cannons saluted across the UK to pay tribute to him. Prince Phillips died on the morning of April 9 at the Royal Palace in Windsor.

The royal family announced further details of his death later, but no details have been released. The death of Prince Phillips was mourned by world leaders, while there is an atmosphere of mourning across the UK.

According to ‘Reuters’, a day after Prince Phillip’s death, he was given a cannon salute in Britain to pay his respects. According to the report, the salute of cannons to the late Prince Phillips started after 11 am British Standard Time and they were greeted at various places.

To pay tribute to Prince Phillips, the Royal Army, including the Navy, saluted him with cannons, and cannons were fired at famous and historic sites for him. In all, Prince Phillips was given a cannon salute for 40 minutes and one cannon was fired every minute, giving him a total of 41 cannon salutes.

The cannon salute he received on the death of Prince Philip is more than a salute to his 50th wedding anniversary to the Queen of Great Britain. The royal palace, on the other hand, released preliminary information about Prince Philip’s last rites and announced that the ceremonial ceremonies would be restricted.

According to the royal palace’s website, due to Corona not only changed Prince Philip’s last rites but also restricted them. The royal palace also appealed to those who came to pay their last respects to maintain a social distance.

In this regard, ‘Reuters’ reported that the high-level committee that oversees the last rites of the royal palace has made it clear that there will be no major state ceremony on the last rites of Prince Philip.

The report said, the last rites of the royal family are usually performed at St. George’s Church, but Prince Philip’s last rites will be held in the presence of fewer people at Windsor Castle.

The last rites of the royal family are usually performed in the form of a state-level ceremony, to which state officials from around the world are invited to attend, and the burial of the royal family is arranged according to state-level arrangements.

However, this time because of COVID-19, not only have the last rites of Prince Philip been restricted, but the rites have also been changed. At the same time, the royal palace appealed to the people to collect cash donations instead of bringing flowers for Prince Philip so that welfare projects could be carried out.

In addition, a diary has not been kept at the palace to write condolences and people have been instructed to post their messages online on the royal family’s official website. The royal palace is expected to release more information about Prince Philip’s funeral before April 12.

World Leaders offer condolences on the death of Prince Philip

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