China has start visas to citizens of Chinese vaccination Countries

China has relaxed its policy on issuing visas to citizens of vaccinated countries after a one-year moratorium. According to the AFP news agency report, it has been decided by easing the border restrictions to allow the return of the foreigners who have been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine made by China.

China has closed its borders to foreigners since the outbreak of the coronavirus in March last year. Many foreigners working in China were also trapped due to China’s strict policy on Coronavirus.

Notices have been issued by Chinese embassies around the world stating that China will issue visas to certain people who have received the Chinese vaccine. Foreigners currently have to undergo three weeks of strict quarantine in China.

While the Chinese-made vaccine has reached many countries around the world, including Turkey, Indonesia, and Cambodia. According to the report, 600,000 doses of the vaccine arrived in the Philippines two weeks ago, after the vaccination process began, but is not generally available in India or Sri Lanka.

The Chinese embassy in the United States has said it will begin issuing visas to Chinese vaccinators. According to the report, this will be applicable from March 15 and will also include those who want to start work, business trips, or visit China to meet humanitarian needs and family members.

Vaccination with four locally developed vaccines is still underway in China, while foreign vaccines have not yet been approved. In addition to launching large-scale vaccinations locally in China, China has also sent vaccines abroad.

According to the news reports, the Chinese embassy in the United States said the decision would apply to anyone who had received one or two doses of the vaccine two weeks before applying for a visa. Similar statements have been issued by Chinese embassies in other countries, including India, Italy, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, China is also facing difficulties in restoring its credibility as a global vaccine candidate. One main reason is the lack of transparency in vaccine results. According to Chinese state media, local vaccine companies are currently ready to export 400 million doses.

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