Claims about half of the eco-friendly items turned out to be false, EU Commission

Web Desk. A report by the European Commission states that more than half of claims made about items sold online in the name of being environmentally friendly or improving the environment are false.

This is stated in a study conducted by the European Commission called Green Washing. The study was conducted in collaboration with the established National Consumer Authorities.

According to the report, when it came to online sales of eco-friendly claims in Europe, more than half of the claims were exaggerated or false, or outright false.

According to the report, a total of 344 companies’ claims in the name of greenwashing were reviewed and 59% of the companies failed to provide immediate material for this claim.

Similarly, 37% of traders’ products are anti-environmental rather than environmentally friendly. Following the report, European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders says more and more people want to live a greener life because of awareness. He pays tribute to all the companies that are making eco-friendly products.

But traders who are selling the wrong goods in the name of eco-friendliness should know that this is a violation of legitimate trade practices under European law. National authorities will take action against companies that fail to provide proof of their claims. 

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