Consume a small amount of this food daily to prevent heart disease

Daily consumption of some nitrate-rich vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. This was revealed in a medical study conducted in Australia, and the results of the study were published in the medical journal European Journal of Epidemiology.

The Edith Cowan University study found that people who ate more nitrate-rich vegetables, such as green leafy vegetables and beets, had lower blood pressure. The study also analyzed the risk of heart disease in these individuals years later.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. The study analyzed data from more than 50,000 people living in Denmark who were part of a 23-year diet, cancer, and health research.

The study found that people who ate more nitrate-rich vegetables had lower blood pressure levels of 2.5 mmHg and a 12 to 26 percent lower risk of heart disease. Researchers say it is important to identify foods that can prevent heart disease.

He said, “the results show that eating one cup of nitrate-rich vegetables a day can significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.”

He added that such a diet reduces the risk of this type of heart disease by 26%, which narrows the blood vessels in the legs, while also reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and heart failure.

However, more than one cup does not have any additional benefits, while nitrate supplements are not as useful as vegetables in this regard. Easy Habit to Help Prevent Weight Gain

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