Corona impact on mental health in adolescents: Study

Dozens of astonishing investigations have been done into the effects of the Corona epidemic on human life and health, and more are still being investigated.

Recent research into the effects of the Corona epidemic on the lives and health of men, women, children, and adolescents shows that some of the effects of the Corona on people’s lives are long-term.

A recent study by British experts found that the Corona epidemic was having a devastating effect on young people’s mental health.

According to research published in the Scientific Journal Science Direct, Psychiatric Research, the Corona epidemic has had a devastating effect on the mental health of young people, especially adolescents.

The report said that experts from the University of Surrey in England conducted a study with 259 young volunteers on the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic on their psychiatric health, which showed that depression was on the rise among young people.

The results of the study showed that the rate of anxiety and depression among young people increased by 20% in mid-2020 due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the implementation of a worldwide lockdown compared to 2019.

In mid-2019, the rate of anxiety and anxiety among young people was 14%, but by mid-2020, the rate has risen to 34%, more than double. The survey also found that, although there was a significant reduction in alcohol consumption among adolescents during the lockdown period, they still had a higher rate of depression.

The survey was conducted among 259 young people who were residents of England, and among these young people, depression and anxiety increased due to the lockdown and restrictions imposed due to Coronavirus.

According to experts, although the youths gave up alcohol during the lockdown and were confined to their homes, the rate of depression increased due to the epidemic.

Numerous past studies have indicated that mental health issues are on the rise worldwide after the Corona, and people of all ages are suffering from depression.

Many health specialists believe that mental health problems have risen worldwide since Corona and that depression and uncertainty have led to an increase in violence in some parts of the world.

One out of every 10 patients with COVID-19 has lengthy symptoms, the study found

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