Corona, Slight weight gain in people under 40 is also dangerous: Research

A new study has found that even a little bit of weight increases the risk of coronavirus and can affect especially young adults.

According to the study, recent research into the spread and age of the coronavirus has covered who is most at risk and what are the effects of corona on a certain age, language groups, and weight gain.

Research after repeated lockdowns in many developed countries has refuted the notion that only obese people have the worst results. According to British researchers, people with a mass body index above 23 are also at high risk.

Research has shown that an increase of just one point in BMI increases the risk of hospitalization by 5% and intensive care by 10%.

According to the findings released by scientists after reviewing the health records of about 7 million people in England, the risk of the corona is found to be higher in people under the age of 40 than in other ethnic groups, this risk is even greater among black people.

However, the study, published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology Journal, found that people over the age of 80 were not affected by weight gain. COVID-19 treatment in pill form is likely to be available in the next few months

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