Coronavirus Vaccine Makes Nine Billionaires Worldwide

Web Desk. The financial profits from the sale of the corona vaccine have made at least nine people in the world billionaires.

AFP news agency quoted a People’s Vaccine Alliance as saying that pharmaceutical companies have been asked to stop charging more on vaccine technology.

Nine of these new billionaires now have a total of $19.3 billion, which is enough to vaccinate everyone 1.3 times in low-income countries.

It should be noted that the People’s Vaccine Alliance is a network of organizations and campaigns that are working on the elimination of property rights for vaccination.

According to the alliance, the wealth of nine people is calculated on the basis of Forbes Rich List data.

Anna Marriott of Oxfam says these billionaires are the human form of the wealth of pharmaceutical companies that control the system of buying and selling vaccines.

In addition to the nine, eight current billionaires have seen their combined wealth increase by $32.2 billion, the alliance said in a statement.

At the top of the new list of vaccine billionaires are Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel and his BioNTech partner Ugur Sahin. The other three new billionaires are co-founders of the Chinese vaccine company Cansino Biologics.

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