COVID-19 diagnostic training for honey bees in the Netherlands: Watch the video

Dutch Scientists have succeeded in diagnosing COVID-19 with the honey bees. For this purpose, scientists trained bees whose sense of smell is very fast, and in samples, they diagnosed the disease in seconds.

To train the bees, scientists at the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands rewarded them with the sweet water after showing them samples affected by COVID-19, while no prizes were awarded to ordinary specimens.

These bees were rewarded when they presented an affected specimen. The scientists said, “we got ordinary bees and they were given sweet water with positive samples.”

He said the basis of the experiment was that bees would be rewarded for diagnosing the virus. In the event of a bee straw-like positive result, the bee began to drink sweet water, which would indicate the result.

“It usually takes many hours or days to get the result of COVID-19 but the reaction of bees is lightning fast.”

This method is also cheaper and, according to scientists, is useful for countries that lack tests. A similar approach was successfully adopted in the 1990s to detect explosives and toxic materials.

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