COVID-19: more than 125 million infected Worldwide

Web Desk. According to the WHO website, the global deadliest pandemic Coronavirus has infected more than 123,902,242 people worldwide and killed 2,727,837 humans.

The number of people recuperates from the corona worldwide is more than 101.3, million and the number of active cases is more than 21 million.

The total number of deaths from corona in the USA has reached 558,400, while more than 30.7 million people have been affected by COVID-19. The number of people infected with a COVID-19 in Brazil has risen up to 12.2 million and so for 317,087 people have died.

The number of people infected with a COVID-19 in India is more than 11.7 million and 160,726 people have lost their lives. In Russia, more than 4.4 million people have been infected with the COVID-19 and the number of deaths is above 96000.

In the UK, more than 4.3 million people have been affected and 126,382 deaths have been reported. In France, more than 4,3 million people have been affected and 93,180 have lost their lives.

In Italy, more than 3,4 million people have been affected and 106339 people have died. Spain has affected 3,2 million people and 74,064 deaths reported.

According to data, the first 50 million cases in the world were reported in the first 356 days of the pandemic start, while the last 50 million cases were registered in just 79 days.

The first case of coronavirus was recorded on November 17, 2019, followed by June 27, 2020, the number of cases had reached 10 million. On November 24, 2020, the number of Corona cases was 60 million, on December 10, the number had reached 70 million.

While the number of cases rose to 80 million on December 25, the number had crossed 90 million on January 9, 2021, and the number had crossed 100 million on January 25.

Number of Coronavirus case by WHO region, Americas 54,394,715, Europe 43,099,204, South-East Asia14,344,181, Eastern Mediterranean 7,235,154, Africa 3,020,998, Western Pacific 1,807,245. Covid-19 increased the risk of stroke, a new study finds

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