Cyclone poses no serious threat to Pakistan, Meteorological Department

Web Desk. Typhoon “Taute” is likely to intensify in the next 18 to 24 hours, becoming a ‘severe cyclone’ and moving in a northwesterly direction. According to the Dawn newspaper, the storm will hit the Indian city of Gujarat by the afternoon or evening of May 18.

The meteorological department said in a statement that the storm posed no serious threat to Pakistan’s coastal areas. Head of the Meteorological Department Sardar Sarfraz said, “This is the first cyclone of the year, it is constantly changing its position and no longer looks as dangerous as it was until Saturday morning.”

​​He added, “we are likely to experience minor effects of the storm, including thunderstorms, rain, and dust storms.” Regarding Karachi, he said that under the influence of this system, the weather in the city is likely to be very hot.

He clarified that it should not be called a heatwave but in the next two days, the sea winds will stop due to this system, due to which the mercury is likely to go up to 41 to 43 degrees Celsius. He said there were no cyclone storms last year, compared to seven in 2019.

Explaining the history of cyclones in the Arabian Sea, Sardar Sarfraz said that the coastal belt of Balochistan was last affected by heavy rains in 2010 due to Hurricane Phet.

However, dusty winds, light to moderate showers, and thundershowers were forecast in Thatta, Sujawal, Badin, Tharparkar, Mirpur Khas, Umerkot, and Sanghar from May 17 to 20.

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