Defenders of Covid-19 are protected for many months, research says

Web Desk. Most patients with Covid-19 are protected from the virus for at least 5 months, according to a UK-based medical study. A study by Public Health England found that people who beat Covid-19 had an 83% lower risk of developing the disease for at least five months than those who survived.

However, the study warns that some patients may be re-infected with Covid-19 and others may be infected with the virus. Professor Susan Hopkins, who led the research team, said the findings were encouraging because they indicated that protection against the disease lasted longer than expected, but that protection was not complete.

Professor Susan Hopkins said it was “very worrying” that some people could be infected with the Coronavirus again and pass it on to others without symptoms. He said that this means that if you think you have been protected from the virus by being infected, and you think there is no chance of serious illness again, but the risk remains, You may have the virus inside you and maybe transmitting it to others. In simple words, the virus can spread by making room in the body of such people without getting sick.

Professor Susan said that this is the reason why lives should be saved by taking precautionary measures now. During the study, from June to November 2020, about 21,000 medical workers were tested to see if they had coronary heart disease or had not been infected before.

People who did not have any antibodies were indicated to have never contracted Covid-19, with 318 people possibly diagnosed for the first time. While antibodies were discovered in 6614, only 44 of these individuals were re-diagnosed with Covid-19.

The researchers obtained a variety of pieces of evidence that indicated that people were re-infected with Covid-19, with new symptoms, new positive swabs, and blood tests 90 days after they first became ill. Some tests are still being performed, and researchers say the results will be updated accordingly.

Scientists will continue to monitor these medical workers for 12 months to find out how long the protection against the disease lasts. They are also monitoring new cases of the coronavirus, which were not common during the first analysis. And the immunity of people undergoing vaccination is also being monitored.

Dr. Julian Ting, an expert at the University of Leicestershire, said the results showed that the vaccine was not a problem after recovering from Covid-19, but that it could boost natural immunity.

Dr. Julian said that we have seen this in the seasonal flu vaccine. It is hoped that the results of this study will reduce anxiety among medical workers. 

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