Discovered a larger planet than Earth, the big revelation

Web Desk. NASA scientists have made an astonishing discovery about a planet like our Earth that was discovered in 2014-15. The planet’s name is GJ 1132 b, which is outside our solar system. It is about one and a half times larger than our Earth, but its atmosphere is similar to Earth’s. In addition, the planet’s mass, density, and atmospheric pressure are similar to our Earth.

NASA scientists say the planet has been orbiting very close to the sun for thousands of years destroying its atmosphere but now the planet’s atmosphere is re-emerging. Scientists say the planet has a thick layer of gases on its surface, which may contain water, hydrogen, or methane gas, or a mixture of them.

Scientist involved in the study, Dr. John Southworth said, although the planet’s atmosphere is similar to ours, its temperature is around 370 degrees Celsius, making it impossible for a human population to live on it. However, the discovery of the planet’s watery atmosphere is certainly an encouraging step towards finding life in a world beyond the solar system.

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