Discovering city thousands of years old from Egypt, who built it and what is there?

Web Desk. The largest discovery to date has been made in Egypt after the Tomb of Boy King (the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamun). According to Mail Online, the new discovery is about the lost city that was built three and a half thousand years ago by King Amenhotep III, the grandfather of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

This city is called the ‘Lost Golden City’. It was discovered near the Egyptian city of Luxor. According to the report, the city has house structures, roads, bakeries, workshops, and even tombs.

Archaeologists have estimated the period of its construction from Pots and other artifacts found in the city. The seal of King Amenhotep III has been found on the bricks found here. Therefore, experts say that this city was probably built by him.

Inside the city is an ‘administrative area’, surrounded by a zig-zag wall that separates it from the rest of the city. The door to the area was in the wall was in one place.

The design of this wall and other installations also served as a security system. The structure of the whole city was such that the inhabitants of each area had control over the entrances and exits of their area.

Experts say it is the largest discovery to date since the luxury tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun was discovered a century ago and will give us a glimpse into the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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