Dogs can identify a COVID-19 patient in a second: Research

A new weapon against Coronavirus has emerged in the form of Dogs, faster than PCR and more authoritative than rapid tests. It’s hard to believe, but people infected with the Coronavirus develop a specific odor that highly trained Dogs can accurately identify.

This claim was made in a new study conducted in the UK according to which trained Dogs can identify 90% of cases of Covid-19 even if the patient has no symptoms. The study, by experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, was published on a pre-printed server.

The results add to the evidence that Dogs can smell the virus. In the study, experts tasked Dogs with sniffing the socks of 200 patients with Covid-19 to see which Dogs could identify Covid-19 and which did not.

Dogs have 220 million receptors in their senses (humans have only 5 million receptors) and can detect a smell 100,000 times more accurately than humans. Dogs’ noses can also smell a drop of material in 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Dogs have previously successfully sniffed out a variety of cancers, malaria, and other diseases. Researchers believe that Dogs can play an important role in identifying Covid-19 cases in different situations.

Researchers said the important thing is that Dogs can do this faster than other tests. He added, “we say Dogs should be used as a means of initial screening and then PCR tests of suspected patients.”

Six Dogs were included in the study and they identified 94.3% of the infected patients’ socks correctly, meaning they could identify 94 out of every 100 patients. In contrast, the rate of rapid tests is 58 to 77 percent while that of PCR tests is 97.2 percent.

However, Dogs outperform PCR tests in speed because they can diagnose the disease in a second. According to researchers, Dogs also catch the disease in people who do not show symptoms or have a very low viral load. Experts say Dogs need 8 to 10 weeks of training to diagnose Covid-19.

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