Due to COVID-19 growing cases, New Zealand imposed a travel ban on India

Web Desk. New Zealand has banned travelers from India for two weeks following an increase in the number of coronavirus cases. According to Reuters, The move comes after 23 cases of coronavirus were reported at the New Zealand border on Thursday, 17 of them from India.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told a news conference in Auckland, We are temporarily banning passengers from India from entering New Zealand.

The ban will apply not only to Indian travelers but also to New Zealanders traveling from India. The ban will take effect from April 11 to 28, during which time the government will review security measures to lift the ban.

Jacinda Ardern said I would like to make it clear that this step has been taken due to the arrival of COVID-19 from India to New Zealand. New Zealand has practically eliminated the coronavirus from its borders and there have been no cases of local transmission of the virus for 40 days.

India is currently battling another dangerous wave of epidemics, with many cases emerging on a daily basis. The country has seen an outbreak of the virus in recent days, with the case rate surpassing that of September last year.

According to the Indian TV channel, NDTV website, 126,789 cases of Corona have come to light while 685 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours.

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