Easy Habit to Help Prevent Weight Gain

If you are worried about gaining weight, adopting a simple habit quickly can help you overcome this problem. This was revealed in a medical study in Norway.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s study found that physical activity equivalent to 100 PAI per week prevents excess body weight. The term PIA is used for personal activity intelligence, which measures how physically active an individual is in a week.

100 pia can be equivalent to 10 hours of walking a week, 75 minutes of strenuous physical activity, or 300 minutes of moderate physical activity. PIA includes all physical activity that increases the heart rate to a certain level, the higher the heart rate, the higher the PIA points.

Previous research by these researchers found that 100 PAIs a week could lead to a longer and healthier life free of coronary heart disease. The new study found that people can maintain healthy body weight as a result of physical activity.

The study involved more than 85,000 healthy people and looked at them for more than 20 years. They were weighed three times between 1984 and 2008 and asked about their level of physical activity.

During this period, both men and women gained an average of 8 kg of body weight. This physical increase was significantly lower in individuals who were physically active, equivalent to 100 PAI points a week.

However, research has shown that people who were not physically active in the 1980s also succeeded in preventing excess body weight during the 1990s and 2000s.

“Obesity causes many health problems worldwide and kills about 5 million people every year.”

The researchers said, “We already know that physical activity prevents weight gain in adults, and new research suggests that proper physical activity each week can help prevent obesity.”

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