Extremely dangerous virus detected in Bats, but how can it be transmitted to humans?

Web Desk. Coronavirus, which is spread by Bats, has the potential to spread very quickly, but the risk of death is only a few percent. However, this is the third time in Australia that a virus has been detected in Bats that could cause death if transmitted to humans.

If a Bat with the virus bites a person or just scratches his body, that person will die. According to the Daily Star, the virus is similar to the Rabies virus, which is called the Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABL).

Rabies virus and ABL belong to a group of viruses called lyssaviruses that are normally spread by biting an infected animal.

It was first discovered in 1996. So far the virus has been found in only 3 humans. The virus was transmitted through scratches caused by Bats’ bites or collisions with the body, and all three died.

A statement from South Australia’s health department said the virus had been confirmed for the third time in Bats in the region.

Dr. Louise Flood says the virus is transmitted to humans only by the bite or scratch of an infected Bat. Once his symptoms appear, it is almost impossible for him to survive.

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