Facebook introduces Dark Mode for app users, learn how to use Dark Mode to protect your eyes

Web Desk. Applications are introducing ‘dark versions’ to protect consumers’ eyes from damage by mobiles and computer screens light. Facebook has already provided the Dark Mode option on the Facebook Website’ and the Facebook Lite app user. While Facebook App users have been waiting for a long time, and now it is also being offered for Facebook’s Android and iOS apps.

According to India Times, users who want to take advantage of Facebook’s dark mode will first have to go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to ‘update’ their Facebook application. After updating the app, go to Settings where you will see the Dark Mode option. You can turn it on or off from there.

According to this report, this feature is not yet available to users all over the world. Currently, it has been introduced in specific countries and is gradually being introduced in all other countries as well.

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