Facebook seeks your help to improve the user experience in the News Feed

Web Desk. According to a statement issued by Facebook, in the next few months, the company will collect feedback from users on the posts they see. People’s feedback will be used to improve the way content is displayed in news feeds.

To this end, Facebook will conduct a global survey of people to determine which posts are most impressive, which the company says people want to see more on their newsfeeds.

The company will then work to make such content appear on the newsfeed. In addition, Facebook will ask people what specific topics they want to see more or less on their feeds.

The blog states that although Newsfeed posts are for the user’s friends, groups, and pages (which they follow). we know that close friends and family also share posts that you are not interested in, Or you don’t want to see them.

Facebook also said it would seek public feedback on political content on the newsfeed. According to the company, this is a sensitive area, so over the next few months, we will do everything we can to understand what kind of content is associated with negative experiences.

For example, you will see posts with a lot of angry reactions and you will be asked what kind of posts people want to see less. The company will be testing a new design in which users will be able to hide a post from a news feed by clicking on the “X” in the top right corner.

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