Facebook’s unique device that transforms any place into a smart display

Facebook is working on a ‘Wearable Wrist Sensor’ that will allow you to type at any level with a single click. Primarily, this wristband will use brain signals to help communicate with the AR system.

This will use EMG technology, which will use sensors to transmit electrical motor neuro signals to the wrist and give digital commands. For example, if the user thinks of typing on the keyboard while waving his hand, this wristband turns any level into a virtual keyboard.

The company says that this is not a mind-reading device, but when the user makes a decision, he evaluates it and acts accordingly. Facebook’s wristband will be linked to augmented reality glasses, which are currently undergoing development and are expected to be introduced later this year.

People wearing this wristband will also be able to stay in touch with the virtual world through the movement of their fingers. The band will also provide full control of the display by recognizing complex hand gestures and movements.

The device has not yet been named and will be a major step forward in the market for augmented reality devices by Facebook. All major technology companies, including Apple and Google, are working on their augmented reality systems.

Experts believe that smart glasses will gradually replace mobile phones and such wrist sensors are a step in the same direction. The wristband will act as a platform for computing and other features, and the smart glasses will act as a display.


We are working on natural resources for AR glasses, as we believe this will change the way people communicate,” said a statement from Facebook.

Andrew Bosworth the head of Facebook’s AR team, said, Imagine being able to teleport anywhere in the world and share your experiences with your loved ones. He added that this will be possible with AR glasses that will connect the real and virtual world in such a way that everyday life will be better.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to get people anywhere in the world in a matter of moments


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