A farmer bought a helicopter worth of $8.2millions to sell milk

Web Desk. Indian farmer buys a helicopter worth $8.2 million to sell milk. According to news reports the farmer and entrepreneur resident of Bhiwandi in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Janardhan Bhoir, who has recently started a dairy business. He has bought a helicopter to promote his business across the country so that he can travel from city to city easily.

Janardhan said he spends most of his time in travel to Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, and Rajasthan states for his dairy business. Most of the cities in these states they visit do not have airports, so they have to travel several hours by road. One of my friends advised me to buy a helicopter.

According to the report, Janardhan has also built a helipad covering 2.5 acres near his residence. Janardhan’s wealth is around $14 million,  he also involved in the real estate business.

Janardan’s helicopter was sent to his village for the purpose of trial and he also invites village panchayat members (Village Heads) to take a ride in his helicopter. 

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