Fatigue and Mental Problems are Common Symptoms of Long COVID

Symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, and a decline in brain function are common in people who experience a variety of complications after defeating COVID, which can have a detrimental effect on daily activities.

The term Long COVID is used for patients who recover from the disease but experience various problems for several weeks or months. This was found in a new medical study in the United States.

The Mayo Clinical study included 100 patients who had beaten COVID-19. For this purpose, Mayo Clinic developed the COVID-19 Activity Rehabilitation Program to treat people with Post COVID-19 Syndrome or Long COVID.

These patients were examined and treated between June 1 and December 31, 2020. The average age of these individuals was 45 years and 68% of them were women and they were examined 93 days after the onset of the disease.

The study found that the most common symptom in these patients was fatigue. According to the study, 80% reported abnormal fatigue, while 59% experienced respiratory problems, and the same number suffered from mental health problems. More than a third reported difficulty performing normal daily activities.

The researchers said that most of the people involved in the study did not have any problems before COVID-19, while many did not have any symptoms related to the seriousness of COVID-19 and had to go to the hospital.

He added that despite the various symptoms, the laboratory and imaging results of most patients were normal, which is one of the challenges in diagnosing Long COVID.

Research has shown that these symptoms have significant negative effects on patients trying to return to daily life. The researchers said that most of these patients needed physical therapy or brain rehabilitation to prevent mental retardation.

He said that most of the patients were experiencing fatigue but more than 50% also reported difficulty in thinking which is known as mental fog. Similarly, daily activities became difficult for one-third of the patients and it was not possible for them to restore normal office life for several months.

Experts said, “as the epidemic progresses, we expect more patients who may have problems for weeks or months after recovery and should be prepared for this by medical care providers.”

Even the slightest severity of Covid-19 is detrimental to Mental Health

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