First commercial Transgender tailor shop open in Karachi

Web Desk. The first commercial tailor shop opens and starts work by the Transgender people community in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan and capital of Sindh province. The Trans Pride Society, an organization that empowers transgender people with the help of other organizations, acquired a shop on the M A Jinnah Road, a famous business area in Karachi.

The Trans Pride Society said in an Instagram post that the first tailor shop for transgender people has been opened at the Jinnah Complex on Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road. The opening ceremony of the shop was attended by the Chairperson of the Sindh government’s women’s commission and senior officials of the Karachi Bar.

Nisha Rao, the head of the Trans Pride Society said, on the occasion of the opening of the tailor shop for Eunuchs, that the program was the first step towards empowering the transgender community. Remember, Nisha Rao is also part of the Karachi Bar and she used to beg on the streets before studying and practicing law.

She appealed to the common people to come specially to this tailor shop for transgender people so that Eunuchs can get decent jobs. Remember that Nisha Rao, head of the Trans Pride Society, is also Pakistan’s first Eunuch lawyer.

After studying and practicing law, Nisha Rao started various welfare schemes for the people of her community, and for the completion of such schemes she set up an organization called ‘Trans Pride Society’, under which now the first tailor shop for Eunuchs has opened.

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