France: Diabetes drug company fined for causing deaths

France, the court has fined a pharmaceutical company for developing a drug with dangerous side effects and killing dozens of people.

According to the European news agency Euronews, the French court has fined the pharmaceutical company for being found guilty of the defective and fatal drug made for diabetics, while the company’s top officials have also been sentenced to prison.

The court fined the French multinational company Servier Laboratories around USD 3.18 million and sentenced top officials of the company to prison, but the sentence of the officials was postponed indefinitely.

The court also sentenced two top officials of the company to heavy fines, including 3 and 4 years in prison, respectively, but their sentences were also immediately adjourned indefinitely.

A French court has also fined the French government’s drug regulatory authority about USD 356,904 for selling substandard drugs in the public market for several years.

During the March 29 hearing, the French pharmaceutical company refused to acknowledge the allegations against the diabetic drug, saying it was unaware of the serious side effects of the drug.

The court fined the company for the poor and severe side effects of the Mediator for diabetics. The French company had been selling Mediator for 33 years until 2009 the health experts began to raise their voices in 1997 after the severe negative effects of the pills

Mediator tablets manufactured by a French company were given to diabetics to lose weight, but later health experts found that the tablets had severe side effects, leading to heart attacks and lung damage. Including other diseases are causing.

It is estimated that over a period of 33 years, the tablets were used by 5 million patients in Europe and other parts of the world. The severe side effects of these pills caused 500 to 2,000 deaths.

The pills were discontinued by the company in 2009 when the negative effects of the pills increased the death toll in France, with most of the deaths identified by a female doctor.

A trial was launched in 2019 against a French company for making death-killing pills instead of treatment, which result was announced on March 29, 2021.

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