Give him a hospital bed or Kill him with the injection: India

”Either put him in a hospital bed or inject him! to kill” The heartbreaking appeal comes from a man in the Indian state of Maharashtra who was visiting hospitals for medical treatment for his father, who is suffering from the coronavirus.

According to the Indian channel NDTV TV website, a man named Sagar Kishore Naharshetivar has searched several hospitals in both Maharashtra and Telangana states but could not find a place for his father anywhere.

Hospital capacity has dwindled following the sudden outbreak of coronavirus patients. All hospitals in Chandrapur, 850 km from Mumbai, were closed for 24 hours. Throughout the day, the elderly were seen lying in ambulances parked in the parking lot outside local hospitals.

Sagar told NDTV; I have been trying since three o’clock yesterday near an ambulance where his father was lying and coughing. First I went to Warora Hospital then to Chandrapur. After that, we went to private hospitals because there were no beds there.

He said, “we reached Telangana at 3 am but we could not find a place there either.” Then we came back in the morning and have been waiting here ever since.



Sagar Kishore said that after so long, his father’s oxygen level was now declining. “either arrange a bed for them or inject them. I can’t take them home in that condition.”

More than 24 hours on Monday, 850 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra state, and six people have died from the deadly epidemic. A total of 6,953 cases of COVID-9 have been reported.

The epidemic is worst in Maharashtra, where efforts are being made to provide patients with beds, ventilators, oxygen, and other medical facilities.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has already sought the help of the Army on the issue of lack of oxygen and medicines. “I have told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that we will need oxygen in the coming days.”

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