Hackers hacked SIM cards and made billions, disturbing revelations

Web Desk, Ten hackers arrested for stealing millions of Dolores by hacking SIM cards and gaining control over high-profile people’s mobile phones. Europol and the British National Crime Agency have been jointly investigating SIM card hacking for more than a year.

Hackers targeting the phones of world-renowned internet influencers, sportspersons, artists, and other celebrities. They stole about 100 million worth of digital currency.

According to the report, the arrested accused are between 18 and 26 years of age. The suspects are part of a larger group that has been involved in large-scale cyber-attacks.

These people have been arrested in different countries. The accused with the connivance of telecommunication companies transferred services from one SIM card to another and took control of it.

Once they got the SIM card, they would get the ”OTP” one-time password of the digital currency accounts of these personalities and open their account and steal the money.

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