Hospital fire: The patient was undergoing open-heart surgery, what did the Doctors do?

Web Desk. The fire broke out in a Russian hospital when a team of Doctors in the operating theater was performing open-heart surgery on a patient. But, the Doctors ignored the fire and preferred to save the patient’s life and continued the operation while the firefighters continued to fight from outside.

According to the news reports, the fire broke out in the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk Hospital. The fire in the hospital had spread smoke and 120 people were evacuated.

But, a team of eight doctors was engaged in the patient’s open heart surgery which was continued. Head of cardio surgery Dr. Valentin Filatov said, “We had to save this patient’s life and we did everything we could to save it”.

According to the ministry, the power supply to the operation theater was ensured through a separate cable. While the fire brigade staff was engaged in extinguishing the fire from outside so that the fire did not reach the operating theater. After the operation was completed the patient was immediately shifted to another hospital.

As per reports, the fire may have been caused by an electrical short circuit which was brought under control and no casualties were reported. The local administration has announced a reward for a team of Doctors for continuing the operations and saving a patient’s life.

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