How Corona got started, US demands new transparent investigation

Web Desk. The United States has said international experts should be allowed to conduct a second round of investigations to find out where the coronavirus originated.

According to Reuters, in a video message at the World Health Organization’s annual meeting of ministers on Tuesday, US Secretary of Health Xavier Becerra said: Be scientifically based and allow international experts to freely examine the origin of the virus and the early days of the epidemic.

According to US government sources, “US intelligence is examining reports that researchers working in a Chinese Virology Lab became seriously ill a month before Corona’s first case was reported in 2019.”

However, sources said on Monday that “no evidence has been found so far that the disease has spread from the laboratory.” Xavier Becerra did not directly mention China, whose first case of the corona was reported in December 2019 in Wuhan.

Corona’s beginnings are complex. In March, a joint report by Chinese scientists and the World Health Organization team was released, which took four weeks to prepare inside and outside Wuhan.

The report said the virus may have been transmitted from animals to Bats and humans, and “there is little chance that it originated in the laboratory.”

Tedros Adhanom,” WHO spokesman Tarik Jasar told Reuters on Monday, “The technical team will prepare a proposal to assess the onset of the epidemic and present it to the agency’s director-general.

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