How do you control your weight by getting up early in the morning?

Web Desk. There are many health benefits to going to bed early at night and getting up early in the morning. But now two expert doctors have mentioned an advantage of getting up early in the morning in their new book to amazement the readers.

According to Mail Online, Dr. Suzann Kirschner-Brouns and Susanne Esche-Belke wrote in their joint book. Getting up early in the morning makes a person feel less hungry, and as a result of that person eats less, which in turn helps him to control obesity.

According to the report, in this book, both the expert doctors when they wrote this amazing thing were actually advising women to avoid obesity in middle age. Women are more likely to become obese after childbirth.

While these experts, also wrote in their book that such women should take vitamin D because this vitamin works to burn body fat. They also instructed women not to diet and to eat regularly and to walk with them as much as possible. By following these tips, women can protect themselves from obesity at a getting old age.

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