How has our land changed over the last 4 decades: Learn from Google Earth

Using 20 million satellite images, Google Earth can now see how much the Earth has changed over the years. The US space agency NASA and Google have partnered to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and man-made effects on Earth. Google has also called it the biggest update in the history of Google Earth.

With the help of NASA, the US Geological Survey, the World’s First Civilian Earth Observation Program, and the European Union’s Satellites, time-lapse videos have been created in Google Earth using 20 million images from 1984 to date.

In these videos, you can see how geological changes have taken place in different areas, how the forests have been destroyed, how the cities have spread, and so on.

The Google spokesman said that the planet has undergone rapid climate change over the past half-century, which is unprecedented in any other era in human history.

The spokesman said, “most of us have experienced these changes in our communities”. According to the company, through time-lapse in Google Earth, we will present a clear picture of our changing planet to the world, which will bring not only problems but also solutions.

One such video shows changes in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, which are rapidly disappearing.



The video of Dubai’s expansion also shows how the city has expanded over the past 37 years and the desert has become a city, while artificial beaches can also be seen forming.



Doha, the capital of Qatar, the enchanting spectacle of turning the desert into a city is also shown in a video that shows how humans spread in the desert.



The video also shows an Antarctic glacier melting due to the effects of global warming.



Similarly, the effects of mining on the earth have been expressed in various videos, but the video of a mine in the US state of Utah is shocking.


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