How to get rid of Heel pain: Expert advice

Web Desk. Heel pain is more common in older people, especially women. This condition is also called ‘heel spur syndrome which can have many causes. Expert Dr. Martin Scurr has now shown people how to get rid of this pain.

According to Mail Online, Dr. Martin says that the pain is usually inside or behind the heel where a powerful muscle from the shin to the heel connects to the heel bone.

Sometimes this pain is also felt around the heel. If it is inside the heel, it is called Plantar Fasciitis and this is the most common heel pain. However, if the pain is behind the heel, it is called Achilles Tendinitis.

Dr. Martin said: “Pain in the bottom of the heel is usually the result of excessive pressure, which damages the foot tissue and causes stiffness. Pain in the back of the heel can be the result of an injury to the muscle from the shin to the heel.

There are many other causes of this pain. People with this pain should wear fitting shoes that support their feet. In addition, they should choose the right shoes for physical activity.

Muscles should be scratched before exercise. In addition, such people should rest as much as possible and lift their heels when necessary, twice a day for ten to fifteen minutes to hit the ice.

Use common painkillers. If the pain persists for more than three weeks even after these measures, consult a Doctor. Is Mild Stress Beneficial?

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