How to make a good website

There are millions of websites worldwide today. The main question is why the website should be made for whom? Each website is designed with different needs in mind. Most sites are built to make money and for the needs of governments or businesses. Etc.

If you are running a business or providing an editorial or commercial service and want to make your business and service successful by providing information about your business and services to as many people as possible, then in this day and age website is your most important need.

If you want to reach other people with your business or services in a traditional way instead of a website. Let me also tell you that there are some flaws in these advertising methods as well. For example, if you advertise on TV, you will have to spend a good amount of money. While the duration of a TV advertisement is only a few seconds, people do not pay much attention to it. Many people even change channels as soon as the ad arrives.
Even if you choose paper pamphlets or brochures, it is difficult to deliver to everyone. The life of a delicate paper ad is very short and the paper ad becomes junk after a few days. While the website is the most effective and cheapest way compared to the old methods. Also, if you do something creative, you can better present it on the website.

If you love writing and want to showcase your creativity with a large number of readers, the website is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get your writing to readers around the world. Because the website is part of a virtual world, where your content does not require any paperwork nor does it require you to pay a hefty amount for TV advertising.

Let me introduce you to a few basic things about building a website through this article. I will try to give you the basics and essentials knowledge to make a good website.

In order to create your own website, first, you have to register the hosting domain name of your choice and need, then you have to rent space for the website, which is called website hosting. Where you can store your website data. It is actually part of the computer server’s hard disk. Which stays connected to the Internet at all times so that Internet users can view the content on your website at any time.

There are many hosting companies in every country. GoDaddy is the most famous of them all. The cost of hosting depends on the needs of your website. Hosting for a small website, with only a little bit of text and pictures, usually costs $10 to15 a year.

If you want to post multimedia data like audio, video on your website then hosting will be just as expensive. This type of hosting starts at around ً$100. Some companies, such as GoDaddy Hosting, offer free domain name registration for the first year. Which leads to significant savings.

There are two types of websites

Static Website A website whose data, i.e. content, is the same for all visitors is called a static website. Websites of colleges and government agencies etc are usually of this type. In addition, the websites of newspapers and magazines are also static.

A dynamic website is a website whose data varies from visitor to visitor. The biggest example of this today is Facebook. Facebook shows everything according to the account. In addition, your bank’s website is also dynamic, showing each visitor the data according to their bank account.

Why are social media pages or free websites not effective? Most people ask if social media pages or free blogs are just like websites, so why not use them instead of websites?. Social media pages are by no means a substitute for a website.

Because the biggest problem with social media pages is that you don’t have control over many of them. In addition, your data or pages may be deleted for any reason. While you have control over your data on the website.

Secondly, it will be easier for the general public to understand that if you are investing in a website, then there must be something special in your content. For example, from the statistics on your personal website, you can find out the thoughts and trends of your readers, which of their writings and content they like the most.

You can’t run ads from other companies on social media or free blogs, and you can’t make money. Only if you have a lot of people following you, then you can make money on social media. While your website can often be a great way to make money.

How to create a website?

Basically, there are three main things you need to do to create a website.
1- Registration of website domain or website name
2- Hosting or let’s say renting a website space
3- Website designing
A domain name is the name of your website, the domain name is a unique name of the website. This allows search engines to recognize your site from millions of websites. Remember that there can be only one website with the same name. And this process makes the website unique.
There are two types of domain names
Top-level or worldwide domain name
Local-level domain name
Top-level domain names include domain names that are used worldwide. At the end of which are .com, .org, .net, .edu, etc. It has to be registered with an international organization, ICANN. The one-year fee is about $10/15. In addition, each country also has the names of regional or local level domains.

They have to be registered with national-level institutions. After all the basic tasks of the website, you have to design the website, so that people can see the content on your website without any difficulty or confusion. There are usually two ways to design.

If you know how to program HTML, PHP, and CSS then website designing is very easy for you and you have all the designing options. But the biggest problem is that if something goes wrong with the website, you have to fix it yourself.
If you wish, you can hire web designers who can customize your website to suit your needs and preferences. If for some reason you change the web designer, it can be difficult for another designer to understand the programming code of the website. Because of these problems, more and more people are using CMS these days.
The word CMS stands for Content Management System. You can also understand and call it the operating system that runs the website. There are many CMSs in the world right now. There are CMSs for all types of websites.

Some CMSs are available for free while some have to be paid for. Four types of CMS are very popular and available for free in the world. These free CMS names are Bynder, Squarespace, Drupal, and WordPress and all four are free to use.
WordPress is very useful for those who have little knowledge of web designing. It can be used for small to large websites. It is currently the most widely used in the world. It is also very easy to use and does not require any special skills or experience. You can also get guidance from various videos on YouTube to learn how to use WordPress.

Drupal is also a CMS similar to WordPress. But it is more powerful than WordPress. Web programmers prefer this. But it is also used by people who do not know web programming and want to use the website according to their needs.

Another reason for its popularity is that many of its modules are available for free (the name of the software used on a website). Like WordPress, various Drupal learning videos can be viewed on YouTube. Information about the use of Bynder, Squarespace is also available on YouTube and Google.

Is the website mobile-friendly or not?

Nowadays, about 80% of every website traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Therefore, while creating a website, it is important to keep in mind that the website is easy and friendly for hand device users and they do not have any difficulty in understanding the content of the website. 

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