How to take care of your sitting position in the toilet

It is believed that we spend almost a full six months in the toilet, not just one or two weeks of our lives. If you are reading this article while sitting in the toilet and you are taking more time, then you may need to change your sitting style so that the work you came for is completed comfortably and easily. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s not that simple.

The average healthy person spends about six to seven months of their life in the toilet. During this time it emits about 150 kilograms of waste. This means that every person in the world emits more than twice as much waste per year. Once we know how important this issue is in our lives, we need to see what the best strategy can be to achieve that goal.

Time to sit on the toilet

No doubt some of us do it well. According to research, a team of expert European doctors working in rural Africa in the 1920s was surprised to learn that indigenous people rarely have digestive or gastrointestinal diseases. The same trend was seen not only in Africa but also in many developing countries of the world.

The above-mentioned observations of the doctors meant that it was not just a matter of eating different foods. It also depended on how long it took people to complete the process. And the biggest and most important thing is how they sit for defecation.



Toilets with English or European seats are not very popular in many countries of the world. Research shows that in the Western world, people sit on the seat for an average of 2 to 2 and a half minutes whenever they go to the toilet.

On the other hand, in many developing countries, where people sit on their knees in the toilet, the problem is solved in 50 to 55 seconds. Health experts say people in developing countries have a healthier way to defecate.

By sitting on the English toilet seat, we try to achieve this goal from an angle of 90 to 95 degrees. In this way, one end of our large intestine bends into the proximal muscle. That’s why some of us have to push hard while sitting on the seat. Medical experts say that pushing the toilet can lead to hemorrhoids, fissures, coma, and even a heart attack.

Why do we use the toilet seat?

It is believed that for the first time in human history, a basic type of toilet was used in ancient Iraq about 6,000 plus years ago. By the year 315/16 AD, about 150 public toilets had been built in Rome, and going to the toilet or bathroom had become a kind of social activity.

Archaeological excavations have uncovered a public toilet on a hill in Rome, with more than fifty holes in it. This means that people used to sit together in the toilet talking about privacy. Going to the toilet in ancient Rome is thought to have been a means of social communication.

The first toilet with a flush system for flushing water after a toilet was invented by John Herrington, a British courtier. And he named his invention Ajax. But in 1880, British plumber Thomas Creeper built a U-shaped toilet, ending a cross-debate over what type of toilet should be.

The advantage of the “U” shaped toilet was that your emission was also invisible, and the stench was reduced. Thus, after this invention, this English toilet seat became a symbol of European culture. But it did something. Made things difficult.

The health risks of a small mistake

There are many human beings who have to go through this ordeal, that while sitting on the seat, they keep tooth decay until the veins of their large intestine become swollen and their heart beats faster. It can also be caused by constipation, fissure, or other bowel problems.

But many medical experts believe that the European toilet, the English toilet seat, is responsible for bringing such patients to this point. In the past, many well-known experts have called the seat toilet the most unreasonable or inappropriate invention in history.

The personal doctor of the famous American singer Elvis Presley said that the heart attack which proved to be fatal for Elvis Presley was due to the hardening and twisting of the contents of Elvis’ large intestine. And at the time of the seizure, he was pushing to get out of the toilet.

A simple and easy solution

But if you already have a porcelain English or European seat in your bathroom, So you don’t have to replace it with a flat toilet seat. There is a simple solution to this. Instead of keeping your knees at an angle of 85 or 90 degrees, just lift them up and bring them to an angle of 35 degrees. By changing the angle of the knees, the muscles of the lower torso of your body expand and the large intestine does not twist.

Do Several minutes of work in seconds

You can use a small children’s plastic stool to bring the knees to 35 or 40 degrees and convert the English seat to an Arabic (flat) seat.

The advantage of a European toilet seat

Where we have mentioned the disadvantages of the European, ie the English seat, it would be an exaggeration not to mention one of the major advantages of this seat. That is, this seat is very useful for the elderly and especially for patients with knee pain.

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