Imran Khan cannot fight corruption alone: ​​Prime Minister

Web Desk. Prime Minister Imran Khan has said in a direct telephone conversation with the people that 27% of Pakistanis are provided gas at homes and gas reserves in Pakistan are declining.

If the gas network is expanded, it will be difficult to deliver at the current price, because we buy expensive gas and supply it to the people cheaply. He also said that expansion of the gas network would also increase gas loans.

In response to a question regarding the quality of education, PM said that the better a person is educated, the higher he goes. He says that the construction of buildings alone does not improve the quality of educational institutions, if the teachers there are good then the quality of education improves.

He stated, that according to his ideology, he is bringing a new head of the Higher Education Commission and making major changes in this institution. Replying to a question on inflation, the Prime Minister said that there are many things that we can solve through administrative matters.

Prime Minister said that one of the reasons for inflation is that there is a big difference between the production price of a farmer and the market price, which we have broken down so that farmers can earn more.

He said that a third reason was the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar. The rupee has depreciated sharply in the last two years, which has affected the power industry, transport, and imported goods.

The Prime Minister said that mafia gamblers play and hoard here, for the first time in Pakistan they are being targeted. “We have been working on the causes of inflation for the last one year and we will show that we can control it”.

Asked about the high cost of medicines and the suggestion of arbitrary medicines by doctors for a commission from pharmaceutical companies, he said, “The health sector is with the provinces, but in 3 provinces and in Gilgit-Baltistan, every citizen has access to health care.” Trying to provide health cards, which will bring a huge revolution.

He said that through the private sector hospitals are being opened in villages, government lands will be provided to the private sector for setting up cheap hospitals which will increase competition among hospitals and improve health facilities.

Responding to a question on corruption, he said, “Corruption is cancer that has spread to every poor country in the world. He said that when the rulers commit corruption, they cannot keep their money in the country, and then they send the money out of the country and cause double damage to the country.

He said that according to a UN report, 1 trillion USD is stolen from poor countries every year and transfer to rich countries. The Prime Minister said that we are pushing hard to get our money back from rich countries, but they are obstructing it because they are benefiting.

He said that corruption could not be fought only through the law but the entire nation was fighting corruption together. He said that Imran Khan alone cannot fight this corruption, the judiciary also has to support it, NAB will have to make the right cases.

Imran Khan said, “in our country, corrupt people are invited as if they have conquered Kashmir. When corrupt people are getting out of jail or NAB offices, people are throwing flowers at them. He said that rule of law, justice, and fairness is the real issue and the war is going on in Pakistan.


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